Transmission Fluid X-Changer



  • Easy to use adapters allow quick hookup to virtually any automobile make and model

  • Fully automatic operation allows greater revenue and profit.

  • Large 40 qt. capacity

  • Large 2.5 gallon-per-minute pump performs faster exchanges.

  • Portable, fully interactive; Works with vehicle’s 12-volt battery for easy fluid exchanges

  • Integrated battery tester

  • Adapter management rack

  • Includes both standard and Allison adapter sets


  • Completes fluid exchange in minutes.

  • Remove fluid feature allows easier & cleaner removal of pan for filter change when necessary.

  • Waste fluid is drained at the touch of a button.

  • Four capacity selections (16, 20, 28 & 40 qt.) allow for specified amounts of automatic transmission fluid to be pumped through the transmission, for more cost-effective servicing.


Dimensions:  43”H x 23”W x 26”D
Fluid Tanks:  40 qt. new & waste
Power:  12V DC from vehicle’s battery
Weight:  140 lbs.


Fully Interactive Easy To Use Control Panel!

Flo-Dynamics has the fastest, most reliable, and now the easiest transmission fluid exchanger on the market... DIPSTICK or INLINE.