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Coolant Service Machine

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  • No electricity needed; runs on compressed air.

  • Labor-saving coolant flush service.

  • Removes air pockets.

  • Drains coolant for component change.

  • Performs vacuum and fill service.

  • Performs full flush service.

  • Fast & efficient engine off process.

  • Convenient clear service hoses allow
    user to monitor fluid in and out.

  • Dual sight tubes allow user to quickly
    identify tank fluid levels.

  • Simple, efficient operation.


Power: 115 P.S.I. Compressed Air
Dimensions: 52”H x 23”W x 27”D
New Fluid Tank Capacity: 7 Gallons
Waste Fluid Tank Capacity: 8 Gallons
Weight: 160 lbs. 


Easy to Use Control Panel