BrakeMate Jr.

Brake Flush Machine

BrakeMate Jr


  • Provides clean brake fluid at variable pressure to master cylinder

  • Able to handle high pressure Hybrid vehicle brake systems

  • Extensive master cylinder adapter set with carrying case

  • Pressure regulator and gauge to set proper fluid pressure

  • Pressure release button for pressure-free service hose removal

  • 3-quart new fluid storage tank

  • Operates on 12 volts DC

  • Handy waste fluid container

  • Four polyurethane casters for easy mobility


98002 BrakeMate Jr. w/ master cylinder adapter set
98003 BrakeMate Jr. without adapters
941416 Master cylinder adapter set w/ storage case
945015 Waste fluid bottle


Dimensions: 39”H x 17”W x 26”D
Shipping Weight: 68 lbs.
New Fluid Tank: 5 quarts
Waste Fluid Bottle: 1/2 quart
Power: 12V DC from vehicle’s battery